What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is similar to an engagement ring, although it does not represent an impending marriage. Promise rings are said to represent the promise to love each other, or to stay together. Sometimes called “pre-engagement rings”, promise rings are a piece of jewelry that have a bit more meaning attached than a necklace or bracelet, but without marriage being implied, such as with an engagement ring.

What is a Promise Ring


What does a Promise Ring Look Like?

Generally speaking, promise rings look a lot like engagement rings, and can be as simple as a silver band and as extravagant as the most elaborate and expensive engagement and cocktail rings. However, a promise ring is commonly a simple band with a solitaire stone. The band is generally sterling silver or 10k gold, and the most common stones are blue and white sapphires, or small white diamonds.

Here are a few of the different styles that we offer:


When choosing a promise ring, all you really need to know is your significant other’s ring size. Because promise rings are not as big of a commitment as an engagement ring or wedding band, the sentimental value is often enough to make the ring special. You don’t have to worry about picking out the perfect design for her, because that will likely come later.

Some of the most popular designs are:


Promise Ring Cost

Most promise rings are purchased reasonably inexpensively. However, don’t go cheap. Costume jewelry will likely just hurt her feelings, and turn her finger green. We offer a variety of different rings at competitive prices with most rings costing between $90 and $150. The rings look great and won’t cost you a small fortune like many engagement rings do, plus it will almost certainly make her feel very special.


Where to Buy a Promise Ring

You can buy them right here in our Promise Ring Shop. If for whatever reason you don’t find something that takes your fancy in our store, then please remember that promise rings are still fine jewelry, even if they aren’t supposed to be super expensive. Visit a jeweler, and look at their less expensive engagement rings or right-hand diamond rings, Cubic Zirconia rings make a great alternative to diamonds as they are far less expensive and unless you are a jeweler no one can even tell the difference.

You want to make sure that you get the ring from a reputable jeweler, that way you can ensure that you are getting a quality ring that isn’t going to degrade as soon as she wears it. As a general rule of thumb, you will probably want to stay away from anything that’s not in a case. It’s important that the ring be beautiful and durable. Many times, the stones in cheap rings will dull over a very short span of time, or even fall out, because the construction is not as sturdy as would be found in fine jewelry.


When to Give a Promise Ring

Sometimes promise rings are simply placeholders for engagement rings, other times they are meant as a purity or chastity vow, and sometimes they are just promise rings – meant to stand for your commitment to someone. Because promise rings are usually significantly less expensive than engagement rings, promise rings are popular for students and younger people who are often not financially prepared to pay for a wedding yet.

When you do give a promise ring, be sure to tell her what it is, and what it means, particularly if it resembles an engagement ring. It’s very important to never give the ring from down on one knee, because that will certainly send the wrong message. You don’t want to scare your girlfriend if she’s not ready for marriage, and you don’t want to disappoint her if she was hoping you propose. It is quite common to give a promise ring after you have been dating for a year, however if you know she is the one and you are sure she feels the same way, then anytime will do.


Promise Rings for Men

Although less common than promise rings for women, men can also receive and wear a promise ring. Promise rings worn by men are almost exclusively plain bands. Often a couple will wear matching promise rings that they chose together.


How do I Wear a Promise Ring?

It’s a matter of personal preference which finger a promise ring is worn on. Some people like to wear it on their left ring finger, but others find that causes confusion with an engagement ring.  It’s common to wear a promise ring on middle or ring fingers of either hand, although any finger is acceptable. Promise rings may even be worn on a chain around the neck, if that works best for your lifestyle.

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