What does a promise ring mean?

A promise ring most commonly means that a couple is dedicated / committed to one another. Exchanging rings means that you both care a great deal about each other, but you are not quite ready to get married yet. In this way a promise ring is often (but not always) a precursor to an engagement ring and is most commonly given to a woman by a man, although many men are also given promise rings by their partners.

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Rings, as a symbol of love and commitment can be traced all the way back to the mythology of the ancient Greeks. Betrothal rings exchanged between couples can be found in ancient Roman history. Precious metals have always symbolized the internal value of the commitment to the person wearing the ring, regardless of if they are men or women


Chastity / Purity Rings

Some couples use the promise ring as a symbol to signify many types of commitments to their principles. The advent of the “teenager” in the 1950’s made for a generational group that was unique in Western culture. On a world scale, children simply jump from child to adult and that often happens through arranged marriages, or marriages that begin when people are as young as thirteen. That isn’t the case for everyone, and so although some teenagers feel just as strongly and want to get married down the line, culturally, and sometimes religiously, they are asked to wait on sexual activities.

This type of promise ring which is often called a purity ring is sometimes given by a parent, but can equally be given to oneself, as a symbol of abstinence. A similar application of the ring may be found if a loved one is in rehab and wants to remind themselves of how good they feel clean and sober. All of these rings are worn by both men and women. Many of the tokens are engraved with the date of the commitment or with an endearing inscription that motivates the wearer to keep the promise.


Rings for a cause

Finally, people apply the idea of promise in a variety of ways. Some get rings as a promise to abide by a very dear friend. Both men and women obtain these kinds of rings. Other people buy the rings to honor a cause dear to their heart. They may have loved one in the military that is M.I.A. They may be part of a world organization that seeks to educate orphans in a third world country. They may be a breast cancer survivor and want to let the world know that they are committed to helping find a cure for that disease. For some people this has been formalized into their commitment to a school or trade organization, but those rings have a subculture all of their own wrapped around fidelity to an institution.

Whatever the cause for wearing the ring, the promise between two people to be committed to each other for life has expanded. Now everyone can keep deep abiding promises with these tokens and reminders. In the end the promises communicate commitment and these tokens are solid, precious reminders of that love.

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List of Promise Ring Meanings

A promise ring can mean any number of things, the following is a list of common uses for promise rings:

  • Pre-engagement Ring
  • A virginity promise
  • Promise to be faithful
  • Promise to keep a secret
  • A promise of abstinence for a vice

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