Promise Rings for Men

Have you found your one true love? Are you seriously considering demonstrating your commitment to them? Would you like to show the world that you’re serious but that you aren’t quite ready to take your relationship to engagement or marriage status? If you answered, “yes” promise rings for men may be the next step. You see, a promise ring is very similar to an engagement ring. It is a symbol of your love and your commitment to someone that you care about, but it isn’t binding like an engagement ring. In a way, it says, “I promise to get engaged to you one day if we both agree.”  In essence, a promise ring is given when you want to be committed but aren’t ready to get engaged. Although many men give promise rings to their girlfriends to demonstrate their sincerity, many women return the favor and give promise rings to their men as well.


Differences between Engagement Ring and Promise Ring

Similar to promise rings for women, when you look at promise rings for men, they typically tend to be cheaper than engagement rings but they have a strong symbol of commitment. In essence, promise rings are a bit smaller in size but they pack a serious punch. In some instances, promise rings tend to be more fun and decorated than wedding bands. Plus, the sky is the limit with settings. In fact, some promise rings use crystals, cubic zirconia, or other precious gemstones instead of diamonds. As such, they tend to be a lot less expensive than engagement rings. A promise rings means that they are in a committed relationship or that they will abstain from sexual relations before marriage. Either way, the rings are mean to be a vow to do something in the future.


Promise Rings mean Commitment

As for women, a promise ring is very sacred. It means that she will be in a committed and monogamous relationship and that she hopes to one day take the relationship a bit further, like marriage. Many women, give their man a promise ring to show that they plan on marrying him one day when the time and situation is right. In addition, some women wear promise rings to show that she wants to be chaste and pure until she’s married. She also gives her man a promise ring so that he can display his commitment to their relationship as well.

If you are in a long-term relationship and want to prove your love and commitment to your boyfriend, a promise ring is the perfect way to symbolize your union. It is a beautiful sign and symbol of your undying love for one another. It truly demonstrates that you and your mate are special to one another and that you want the world to know that you plan to take the relationship a bit further in the near future.  When you give your special someone his own promise ring you are in essence promising to one day marry him.  Essentially, choosing a promise ring is just as important as choosing an engagement ring.  After all, it is a loyal symbol to demonstrate how much you care and a deliberate symbol that you and your mate have taken a serious vow to one another and that you intend to make the relationship work.

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