Why Choose Cubic Zirconia?

If you are looking for a promise ring or maybe just a ring in general, you might be wondering whether to get a diamond or cubic zirconia gemstone. A diamond’s social status is well known, but why choose a cubic zirconia?

Princess Cut Diamond Promise Ring Front

Princess Cut Diamond Promise Ring – Cubic Zirconia

Promise rings are most commonly given to a woman by a man as a commitment, before getting engaged and is used like a “pre-engagement’ ring. One of the main reasons for giving a promise ring instead of a engagement ring is usually down to the couple not being financially ready for marriage. Real diamonds can cost thousands of dollars, therefore cubic zirconia is perfect to help keep costs down.



Other Reasons to Buy Cubic Zirconia

Ruby Heart Promise Ring – Red Cubic Zirconia

Ruby Heart Promise Ring – Red Cubic Zirconia

First of all, no one (not even trained gemologists) can tell the difference without the use of equipment such as microscope, or loupe to test and verify the gem. Being man made, cubic zirconia is flawless, where as natural diamonds will have imperfections. Along with those imperfections, diamonds usually have a tinge of brown or yellow and it is rare to have a completely colourless diamond. Cubic zirconia can be made completely colourless to look like perfect scores on the diamond colour and clarity scales. Coloured diamonds are also rare, where as cubic zirconia can be made in any colour under the sun.

Aquamarine Heart Shaped Ring – Aqua Cubic Zirconia Front

Aquamarine Heart Shaped Ring – Aqua Cubic Zirconia

So while cubic zirconia doesn’t have the status and the investment opportunities that diamonds do, they do make a good choice for a beautiful ring for yourself or a loved one without spending your life savings.

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Clean Your Silver Jewellery

As always, prevention is better than a cure so the best piece of advice anyone can give, is to clean your silver jewellery regularly.  Also remove your jewellery before showering, exercising, cleaning or cooking. Fine Jewellery should also be checked a couple of times a year to make sure your gems and the prongs holding them are safe and secure. Make sure your silver jewellery is dry before storing them in a place with low humidity wrapped in either acid free tissue paper, anti tarnish paper or flannel.

If you only need to buff shine back into your silver, rub the jewellery with a soft cotton cloth. To clean, get some jewellery polish on a sponge. Without scrubbing, rub the polish back and forth on your jewellery (don’t rub in circles). Rinse the polish off your jewellery and then dry with a soft clean cloth.

If you’re not confident with cleaning your jewellery, then take them to a local jewellery store. Most offer jewellery cleaning services.


Things to Avoid while cleaning silver jewellery

Wash your jewellery separately, don’t include them while you do the dishes. If silver comes in contact with stainless steel, the finish on your silver will be ruined. Also foods which are acidic, salty or contain sulphur will damage silver. Avoid foods like table salt, eggs, some fruits, onions, mayonnaise, and vinegar (clean immediately if your jewellery comes in contact with these foods).

Rubber can corrode silver so keep the rubber gloves off while cleaning your silver jewellery.


Other At Home Solutions to Cleaning Silver Jewellery

If you don’t want to shell out money for expensive jewellery polish, here are some at home products that can cleaning jewellery. Be careful though because there are reports of some of these damaging your jewellery (mainly stone settings). Try these on a less expensive non-vintage piece with no sentimental value.

Choose a plain white toothpaste with no whitening properties. Clean your jewellery as you would with the jewellery polish. Or make a paste using baking soda and water then use like jewellery polish. However be careful using this one, as baking soda is quite abrasive.

Here are some of the more surprising household products that have been rumoured to clean jewellery:

  • Soak diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds in club soda overnight.
  • Soak diamonds in water with a denture tablet for a few minutes then rinse and dry.
  • Rub down tarnished silver jewellery with ketchup and then quickly rinse and dry.
  • Spray windex on a soft bristled toothbrush and brush your diamonds.


Cleaning Silver Jewellery using Aluminium Foil

There is much buzz about using Aluminium foil to stage a chemical reaction to clean tarnish off your silver jewellery. I decided to give one a go to see the results (I didn’t have any rings that needed cleaning so I used a pair of earrings).

tarnished silver

I’m so impressed that I immediately went looking for more tarnished silver to clean! If you want to have a go I used the process from Geek Mom;


Getting the Correct Ring Size – Confirm your Ring Size

When buying rings online you need to be 100% certain on the size of your finger so that you purchase a ring that is going to fit!

If you live in the USA then there is a standard ring sizes that all Jewelry adheres to. To check your size please see the information below:

  • Size 5 – 15.7mm  (0.6181102 inches)
  • Size 6 – 16.5mm  (0.6496063 inches)
  • Size 7 – 17.3mm  (0.6811024 inches)
  • Size 8 – 18.2mm  (0.7165354 inches)
  • Size 9 – 18.9mm  (0.7440945 inches)
  • Size 10 – 19.8mm  (0.7795276 inches)
  • Size 11 – 20.6mm  (0.8110236 inches)
  • Size 12 – 21.3mm  (0.8385827 inches)

1 Inch = 25.4mm

If you are unsure how to measure the size of your finger, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Get a piece of paper
  2. Cur the piece of paper so that it is about 1/2 inch in width.
  3. Wrap the paper around the finger you are buying a ring for and take note of where the start of the paper meets together. (Note: you will want to measure near the thickest part of your finger – like near the knuckle, as you need to be able to get the ring onto your finger).
  4. Use a ruler to measure the length of the paper from the start to where the paper met together when around your finger.
  5. The measurement you recive can then be compared with the measurements above.
  6. Now you have your ring size 🙂

If you need more detailed instructions please try this article on WikiHow


Please note that here at Beautiful Promise Rings we only stock sizes 5 through 10 inclusive at this stage. If you are unsure about sizing – please contact us and we would be happy to help you select the correct size.

Promise Rings for Couples

Are you in love with your mate? Do you believe that the two of you have a strong and solid relationship? One that is built on trust, understanding and undying love? Do you want to share your life with this one special person, but aren’t yet ready to make a commitment of marriage? Perhaps you’re too young or you don’t have enough money for a wedding, or perhaps the time just isn’t right yet? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, you can make a move and you don’t have to wait until everything is perfect. You can promise yourself to your mate with a promise ring.

Please take a look at some of our most popular promise rings below:

You see, promise rings for couples are just that, they are an outward symbol of your love and commitment. They are a great way to show your friends, family and other relatives (not to mention love rivals) that you and your partner are serious. Promise rings for couples are rings that show you are committed to one another, and that you intend to get engaged and married one day in the future.

In essence, promise rings for couples say, “I promise myself to you. I plan to marry you one day if and when we both agree to take that next step.” A promise ring is similar to a pre-engagement ring. It is a ring that is typically given when the couple wants to make a commitment to one another but isn’t ready to get formally engaged. Although many women buy promise rings for their boyfriend, men also give promise rings for girls too. In fact, either person can initiate the exchange of the promise ring but either way, they are both strong symbols.


Finding the right Promise Ring

The really great thing about promise rings is that they are much less expensive than engagement rings and can commonly cost anywhere from $100 to $200. With an engagement ring, you’d be hard pressed to find a $100 engagement ring. Simply because promise rings are not as big as engagement rings and they are typically not made up of expensive diamonds. In fact, individuals can make any type of ring into a promise ring. These rings can be adorned with gemstones, birthstones, cubic zirconium, whatever; it is entirely up to the couple. The design of the ring is only limited by their own imagination. Often a couple chose their birthstones as the promise ring of choice. The male wears his girlfriends’ birthstone and she in turn wears his. This shows the world  and is a clear indication to others just how in love a couple are, and how much they are committed to one another and the relationship.


Other Promise Ring Uses

Although couples give each other rings, you may have an instance where a person wears their own promise ring to indicate that they are going to abstain from sexual relations before marriage. Many christian men and women wear these types of rings and they are very popular indeed.

Either way, a promise ring is a big deal. They demonstrate monogamy, commitment and the fact that the couple is committed to one another. They should be given after some serious thought and should never be an afterthought. Instead, they should be treasured and only given to someone who truly deserves.

Promise Rings for Men

Have you found your one true love? Are you seriously considering demonstrating your commitment to them? Would you like to show the world that you’re serious but that you aren’t quite ready to take your relationship to engagement or marriage status? If you answered, “yes” promise rings for men may be the next step. You see, a promise ring is very similar to an engagement ring. It is a symbol of your love and your commitment to someone that you care about, but it isn’t binding like an engagement ring. In a way, it says, “I promise to get engaged to you one day if we both agree.”  In essence, a promise ring is given when you want to be committed but aren’t ready to get engaged. Although many men give promise rings to their girlfriends to demonstrate their sincerity, many women return the favor and give promise rings to their men as well.


Differences between Engagement Ring and Promise Ring

Similar to promise rings for women, when you look at promise rings for men, they typically tend to be cheaper than engagement rings but they have a strong symbol of commitment. In essence, promise rings are a bit smaller in size but they pack a serious punch. In some instances, promise rings tend to be more fun and decorated than wedding bands. Plus, the sky is the limit with settings. In fact, some promise rings use crystals, cubic zirconia, or other precious gemstones instead of diamonds. As such, they tend to be a lot less expensive than engagement rings. A promise rings means that they are in a committed relationship or that they will abstain from sexual relations before marriage. Either way, the rings are mean to be a vow to do something in the future.


Promise Rings mean Commitment

As for women, a promise ring is very sacred. It means that she will be in a committed and monogamous relationship and that she hopes to one day take the relationship a bit further, like marriage. Many women, give their man a promise ring to show that they plan on marrying him one day when the time and situation is right. In addition, some women wear promise rings to show that she wants to be chaste and pure until she’s married. She also gives her man a promise ring so that he can display his commitment to their relationship as well.

If you are in a long-term relationship and want to prove your love and commitment to your boyfriend, a promise ring is the perfect way to symbolize your union. It is a beautiful sign and symbol of your undying love for one another. It truly demonstrates that you and your mate are special to one another and that you want the world to know that you plan to take the relationship a bit further in the near future.  When you give your special someone his own promise ring you are in essence promising to one day marry him.  Essentially, choosing a promise ring is just as important as choosing an engagement ring.  After all, it is a loyal symbol to demonstrate how much you care and a deliberate symbol that you and your mate have taken a serious vow to one another and that you intend to make the relationship work.

Promise Rings for Women

Women love getting jewelry. Even more than jewelry, they love sentimental gifts from their significant others. A promise ring is also sometimes called a pre-engagement ring. It’s given to represent your commitment to the monogamous relationship and can often be used in place of an engagement ring, either because the two of you are too young to get married, lack the financial means, or have no interest in marriage for whatever reason.


Who should give a promise ring?

Promise rings are great for people who are too young to get married, such as high school students. They also work well for people who are not planning on getting married ever, or who want to wait a number of years before tying the knot.

While promise rings are common in high schools, it’s less common for adults to give and receive promise rings. That could change, however, as people place less importance on getting married young. Although both men and women can give promise rings, most often men give women a promise ring. It’s appropriate for people in a committed relationship that they both would like to last a lifetime.


Diamond Promise Rings for Women

A promise ring featuring diamonds is the easiest to confuse with an engagement ring. Diamonds are a classic stone for use in jewelry and are loved by many women for their aesthetic qualities. Some diamond promise rings feature a cluster of very small diamond chips, or they may have a larger, but still small, diamond mounted as a solitaire.

Cluster diamond promise rings give the appearance of having a larger diamond, but really features several smaller diamonds “clustered” together. Cluster rings are a great style for promise rings because they offer a greater visual impact for a lower price.

Solitaire diamond rings feature only one diamond mounted to the band. It’s a classic design that will never go out of style.

More intricate designs can include curved shanks, split shanks, scroll designs, twists, diamond accents and more. If you cannot find a design you like, many jewelers will work with you to create the perfect piece.

Some of our imitation Diamond Promise Rings


Birthstone Promise Rings

Birthstone rings are also commonly used for promise rings. Using your loved one’s birthstone is a great way to customize the jewelry to her, without having to go over the top. Birthstones are semi-precious or precious stones that are beautiful in gold, silver and white gold bands. For a unique twist on the birthstone promise ring, you can create a ring that combines two stones, one which is your birthstone and one which is hers.


What a Promise Ring is not

A promise ring is not costume jewelry. Although, by nature, promise rings are less expensive than engagement rings, you should not use that as an excuse to get a cheap piece of jewelry. Promise rings are supposed to represent your commitment to each other, so make sure it’s a piece of jewelry that lasts.

Promise rings are also not just for giving to anyone. When you give a promise ring, it should be with intent similar to marriage, even if you’re not planning to get married. Promise rings should be reserved for people you really feel you could spend the rest of your life in a relationship with.

Always remember that a promise ring is not an engagement ring. Although you can make the giving of one a little fun, you need to keep it casual. Don’t get down on one knee or ask the waiter to hide it in her dessert. You don’t want your girlfriend to think your proposing, so always keep your intentions clear.

What does a promise ring mean?

A promise ring most commonly means that a couple is dedicated / committed to one another. Exchanging rings means that you both care a great deal about each other, but you are not quite ready to get married yet. In this way a promise ring is often (but not always) a precursor to an engagement ring and is most commonly given to a woman by a man, although many men are also given promise rings by their partners.

Please take a look at some of our most popular promise rings below:


Rings, as a symbol of love and commitment can be traced all the way back to the mythology of the ancient Greeks. Betrothal rings exchanged between couples can be found in ancient Roman history. Precious metals have always symbolized the internal value of the commitment to the person wearing the ring, regardless of if they are men or women


Chastity / Purity Rings

Some couples use the promise ring as a symbol to signify many types of commitments to their principles. The advent of the “teenager” in the 1950’s made for a generational group that was unique in Western culture. On a world scale, children simply jump from child to adult and that often happens through arranged marriages, or marriages that begin when people are as young as thirteen. That isn’t the case for everyone, and so although some teenagers feel just as strongly and want to get married down the line, culturally, and sometimes religiously, they are asked to wait on sexual activities.

This type of promise ring which is often called a purity ring is sometimes given by a parent, but can equally be given to oneself, as a symbol of abstinence. A similar application of the ring may be found if a loved one is in rehab and wants to remind themselves of how good they feel clean and sober. All of these rings are worn by both men and women. Many of the tokens are engraved with the date of the commitment or with an endearing inscription that motivates the wearer to keep the promise.


Rings for a cause

Finally, people apply the idea of promise in a variety of ways. Some get rings as a promise to abide by a very dear friend. Both men and women obtain these kinds of rings. Other people buy the rings to honor a cause dear to their heart. They may have loved one in the military that is M.I.A. They may be part of a world organization that seeks to educate orphans in a third world country. They may be a breast cancer survivor and want to let the world know that they are committed to helping find a cure for that disease. For some people this has been formalized into their commitment to a school or trade organization, but those rings have a subculture all of their own wrapped around fidelity to an institution.

Whatever the cause for wearing the ring, the promise between two people to be committed to each other for life has expanded. Now everyone can keep deep abiding promises with these tokens and reminders. In the end the promises communicate commitment and these tokens are solid, precious reminders of that love.

More information – What is a promise ring?


List of Promise Ring Meanings

A promise ring can mean any number of things, the following is a list of common uses for promise rings:

  • Pre-engagement Ring
  • A virginity promise
  • Promise to be faithful
  • Promise to keep a secret
  • A promise of abstinence for a vice

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is similar to an engagement ring, although it does not represent an impending marriage. Promise rings are said to represent the promise to love each other, or to stay together. Sometimes called “pre-engagement rings”, promise rings are a piece of jewelry that have a bit more meaning attached than a necklace or bracelet, but without marriage being implied, such as with an engagement ring.

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